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money advice for your younger self | investing edition

We asked women in their 30s: what do they wish they did differently with their money and finances in their 20s?

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financial advice for women

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Sharing the wisdom. Because that’s what we do.

Hint: They all pretty much agree that you should buy that thing, and invest.

And we can’t argue with that!

Invest, Invest, Invest!

“I wish I was less scared of taking risks. It’s great that I saved a lot but the cash just sat in my bank account. I wish at the minimum, I’d put it into a high yield savings account, or invested in the stock market, or even in real estate! I almost bought a rental property and chicken-ed out. Now the area has skyrocketed!!! I had signals pointing me in that direction but didn’t follow my intuition and take the risk” Maycie, 32

“INVEST MORE!” Marissa, 34

“I wish I learned more about the stock market. I wish every birthday, people gave me a stock as a gift, or I took the bday money and invested a small amount every time.” Lisa, 35

New trend… Stocks as birthday gifts, you in? We’re here for it.

“Invest my savings. I feel like I was hoarding cash for too long… Max out that 401k and regularly ask for credit limit increases (you’ll want that amazing credit score when you go to buy a house)… Oh and reminder, you have to pay taxes and that’s a rude awakening, so don’t spend that full sign-on bonus before you pay taxes ” Julie, 34

We hear you, Julie... Taxes really can be a rude awakening. Learn where your taxes go and how much you *should* be saving for the US of A.

Max out your 401k, like, yesterday

PS. A 401k is a type of retirement account (which you probably already have and don't even know it) More here

“Max out my 401k contributions from the start. Have savings goals and use tools to help analyze spending habits. Honestly just know how much you’re saving and spending!” Hana, 32

“MAX OUT MY 401K CONTRIBUTIONS! I remember when Ben and I started dating and talking 401ks I couldn’t believe how much bigger his was because I always did the absolute bare minimum. Really just the important of investing in general ... I’ve only gotten into investing in the last few years and it’s such a good way to grow your money. Also understand how a credit card works. Oh, and find a billionaire to marry – JUST KIDDING” Cristina, 34

LOL!!! Maybe start now so YOU can be the billionaire everyone wants to marry, right?

“I wished I started my 401k earlier, even though I barely had enough money for rent and no money for food. I wish I started a small savings account that I couldn’t touch that had auto-transfer set up. I would be better off if I was just more informed!” Natasha, 31

“When people you know start to get married, the wedding invites will come and don’t stop. Don’t be afraid to say no. Use your PTO and extra cash wisely – you often regret not saying no to more earlier on. Treat your Instagram homepage like you life-mentor, and follow accounts that focus on investing and life-hacking tips, less celebs and cat memes. And don’t buy that round of drinks at the bar. Find another way to show your friends how much they mean to you. Finally, speaking of retirement accounts, start putting money into those yesterday” MaryClaire, 32

Why is everyone obsessed with investments, 401ks and retirement accts?

Well, because they grow for you. They do the hard work. And you realize later on that the growth is freakin awesome, and it’ll be impossible to catch up to the growth with nothing but extra savings.

Learn how to start investing with Penny.

Still wondering WTF is a 401k or an IRA? Click here

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