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5 Mindset Mantras to Kick Your Money Anxiety to the Curb

Hey, Siri – Can you make $10,000 appear in my Apple Wallet?

Ok, how about – search how to make $10,000 in 3 days. Kthx

Has this ever been you?

how to stop worrying about money

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Debt, bills, investing. It can get SO overwhelming, so quickly! 

On days like this, it can be hard to kick that money anxiety to the curb.
In this post, we cover: 

  • the deep, deep, deeeeep beliefs that are holding you back, 
  • how to ditch the stories that no longer serve you, and 
  • 5 money mindset mantras to help you stay grounded on those cloudy days when it’s all cats, dogs, and crippling self-doubt.

Keep these money mantras in your pocket for a healthy dose of sunshine, and girl-boss confidence and empowerment. You got this! 

Your first step to kick that money anxiety to the curb? Notice your money self-talk.

Women, men, everyone – we all have stories we tell ourselves about money. 

And, as women on a mission to empower all women with financial know-how and smart money moves, we’ve heard it all.

  • I'm not good with money
  • Learning about finance and investing is too hard, too complicated
  • I’m in debt – but I just need to work harder to pay off my bills
  • I don’t have time to learn about investing or smart money moves
  • I need to know about finance to manage money well

How do we know? 


Sounds crazy, but it’s true. 

Where do you think our amazing CEO, founder and girl-boss Crissi got the spark to start Penny Finance? ;)

Read Crissi’s story here

We all tell ourselves stories about money, life, and why we can or can’t do something… BUT ARE THEY TRUE?

When you start to notice these stories, also start to question where they’re coming from.


Doing that helps you uncover what’s underneath these stories – including the deep-seated beliefs you have about money that are holding you back.

Let’s take the first bullet point from earlier as an example:

“I’m not good with money”

When you notice this thought, ask: 

  • Why do I think I’m not good with money? 
  • Why am I telling myself this story? 
  • Do I really think that? Or am I just afraid of something else? 

…And keep digging! 

You might find the only reason you believe this is because somewhere along the way, someone told you “Women aren’t good with money”.

And your younger self went… Oh! Women aren’t good with money. I guess that’s true, so that explains why I’m not good with money. 

(Which is complete BS and you know it!)

If you need a reminder about why women are awesome investors, planners, and money-makers, we wrote this post for you.

PS. This work can get real heavy, real quick. Give yourself time to rest, and dive into the self-care. Chat with a therapist or close friend you feel safe with. Go easy on yourself, girl!

Money mindset mantras to stay grounded. Some of our favorites, in no particular order.  

Write them down in your journal, print a copy for your agenda, or save this post so you can come back to them again and again for a small dose of daily motivation. ❤ 

  • I am starting a new relationship with money today. 
  • I am worthy of accepting, making, and receiving money and abundance.
  • I deserve to make more money, without having to work harder for it. 
  • I can create the life, freedom, and abundance that I crave. 
  • Success and money accompany me, here and now. 

Money is energy. The positive energy I invest in my money, work, and finances, will flourish and grow, and come back to me tenfold. 

Struggling with money and finance isn’t who you are. It’s just habits you picked up and reinforced throughout your life. 

You’re not broken. You’re not flawed. Most importantly: You are not alone. 

We all have these thoughts. 

When you start noticing your money stories, your self-talk, you can give yourself the opportunity to change. 

You can start to question and say, “Hey, where did I pick up this belief? Why do I have so much anxiety about money? Yeah, I’m not down for that anymore. Let’s change that.…What are those money mindset mantras again?”

We’re here for you. 

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