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women-led and female-founded businesses you should know

Don’t you love it when you’re shopping, and you discover the perfect find? 

Well, it feels even better when you know you’re supporting a business founded by women, or led by someone from the BIPOC community! 

In today’s post, you’ll find our favorite roundup of items and brands for your home, wardrobe, and everything in between. Enjoy!

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Before you start… 

At Penny, we’re all for living life to its fullest. 

We’ll never condone that “shop 'til you drop” energy, but we do firmly believe everyone should have a “fun money” budget to spend on whatever brings you joy. Afterall, you’ve earned it!

If you need help creating a fun money budget, get Penny. We’ll show you how you can save, invest, and spend – guilt-free. ;)

Now, check out these incredible brands founded by women!

For some retail therapy

Best finds for your home and wardrobe, including bags, clothing, accessories, and omg-shoes! 


Founded by Kayla Gallardo and Shipah Sha, we’re into their “fewer, better” philosophy – and this gorgeous selection of handbags.


This waffle robe looks sooo cozy! Ariel Kaye got this home essential right! Spa day at home, anyone? 

the sill 

Eliza Blank and Gwen Blevens bring in the sunshine, with these beautiful indoor plants. 

rent the runway

The name says it all! Easy access to designer fashion, thanks to the Jennifer & Jennifer duo. 


Founded by Mariela Rovito and Ali Mejia, cozy creations and the softest PJs ever! 

For the runway glam 

Look good and feel good with these makeup brands.


Lashes, nails, and bundles on sale! Led by the impressive Ann McFerran, a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur.

indie lee 

Founded by Julie Roehm, with great clean beauty options for every skin. 


We’re into their “fun and freedom and being OK with yourself today” vibe and beauty products. 


Personalized makeup, hair and skin delivered monthly? Yes, please! Genius idea from Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna.


We’ll vouch for Tara Foley’s clean beauty products and their “hydrating, indulgent textures”.

cheekbone beauty

Indigenous-owned, creating clean, vegan and sustainable beauty.

For the health-conscious 

Great options to feed body and soul.


Easy and fun superfood blends to start your morning right. Fun fact: Trinity M. Wofford is the youngest Black woman to ever have her products in Sephora stores. Amazing, right?!


Behind the reusable water bottles that took the world by storm is founder Sarah Kauss.

health ade 

From a husband-wife-BFF founder trio, an incredible selection of organic kombucha


Multivitamins and health supplements for women, founded by Kat Schneider

daily harvest

Started by Rachel Drori, their farm-to-table smoothie blends are good for you (and the planet)

For the at-home spa

We know not all women have “lady parts”... But if you do, these are for you! ;)


Georgina Gooley, disrupting the shaving industry, one razor at a time. We’re into it. 


Once you try period underwear, you’ll never go back. 

modern fertility

Hats off to co-founder and CEO Afton Vechery for making it sooo much easier for us to learn about our ovaries and our bodies.


Can bras and undies make things more lively? Michelle Cordeiro Grant proves the answer = yes.


Plant-derived natural products and wellness for vulvas and “lady parts”

For that Friday night TV binge 

Whoever said we can’t stay in for a girls’ night out?

milk bar

Cakes, cookies,and other scrumptious desserts by Christina Tosi

diaspora co 

Add more flavor to your life with these spices and teas! Ethically sourced directly from India, led by Mumbai native, Javeri Kadri. We’re big fans. 

mingle mocktails 

Founded by Laura Taylor, these mixes make for a delicious done-for-you party planning trick. 

behave candy

The name is misleading; Mayssa Chehata’s treats are so healthy you can eat the whole bag. 

deux cookie dough 

Edible, vegan and gluten-free. Eat it raw or baked. Need we say more? Oh ya. Thank you, Sabeena Ladha.

For our business owners 

Whether it’s a side gig or a full-time affair, women supporting women is our favorite biz.


Shout-out to co-founder and CEO Melanie Perkins and her fellow co-founders for creating one of our favorite creative tools of all time! 


“Travel essentials designed to last” sounds like a great deal in our book!


Premium video editing and creation, at your fingertips. Thanks, Anjali Sud!


online marketplace for designers, artists, and creatives.

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