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money tips for the new year

Have you thought about new year's money goals yet? 

December is filled with sales and holiday cheer. But unless you’re in an accountant role of sorts, finances often take a backseat. 

That’s okay: Healthy breaks can make a relationship stronger. The key is to get back on track! 

Use this year-end list to make your connection with your money even stronger, and start the new year with your most magnetic money goals yet.

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new year money goals

📸: Death to Stock

Financial health check

Did you create new year money goals… last year? If yes, did you meet those goals? Why or why not? Debt repayment, savings, retirement. Take stock of where you’re at. 

Want a shortcut? Our 3min money quiz will give you a great place to start. It shows your future net worth and time until debt free -- the two most important factors to growing wealth (and keeping your head above water).

Remember: be kind to yourself in this process. 

Money is all about building new habits; and we already know how hard that is! If you’re not happy with where you’re at, don’t beat yourself up. Focus on what you can do differently moving forward.

Celebrate your achievements 

Especially the small ones! 

Something like “I invested $20 in stocks,” or “I opened a retirement account but it's not invested yet” may feel small or unfinished. 

Celebrate every single one! Those baby steps become the foundation for even bigger success next year. 

Create money goals for the new year

Knowing what you know now…

What do you want to accomplish next year? Is it to become debt-free? Start investing? Buy a house? 

Awesome. Write it all down!

If you don’t have any specific new year money goals, here’s a different approach. Ask yourself: 

How do you want to feel about money? 

Proud? Content? Safe? 

…If you’re often scared or worried you won’t have enough: Do you want to feel confident? Or safe to spend without worry? Both?

Get curious, and the money goals will follow.

Make it actionable

You took stock of the past year…

Wrote down your hopes and goals for the future…

Time to plant those seeds!

Go through your big picture list, and make it actionable: 

What's one small step you can take in the next month, to make your dream goal come true?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. ensure the money in your 401k/IRA/403b or other retirement account(s) is invested
  2. don't have a 401k/IRA/retirement account? open one!! 
  3. check your credit cards: do any have unpaid balances? do they have annual fees? are you getting the best rewards? (right now, we’re loving 3-5% cashback cards with zero annual fees!) 
  4. check your retirement account contributions from last year: the max you can add in 2024 is $23,000 for 401ks/403bs or $7,000 for IRAs (plus, you actually have until April 15th to hit these numbers / until you file your taxes).

Home buying a goal this year? Here’s a special checklist for you.

A note on budgeting

Eh… We don't love budgeting. We don’t think you need to, either. 

Unless Excel sheets and nitty-gritty expense tracking fill you with laughter and joy, you have our full permission to keep traditional budgeting off your new year money goal list. 

Instead, focus on knowing your numbers:

  • Do you know your must-pay expenses? 
  • Including minimum debt payments and/or monthly retirement contribution.
  • Equals = what’s left over for saving, spending, investing. AKA your cash flow.

When you keep things simple, there’s a higher chance you’ll succeed. And that’s exactly what we want for you, in the new year: a thriving, successful, and healthy relationship between you and your wallet. 

Happy New Year! xo


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